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 Snowly´s and Lithin´s Apllication

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PostSubject: Snowly´s and Lithin´s Apllication   Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:51 am

Hey all,

We´re about playing the tryouts Wink

- In-Game Name -

Snowly / Lithin

- Active Play Time and Location -

We have an active playtime from like 2pm gmt +1 to ca 10pm gmt +1 +++
We are often on and long Wink

- Do You Have Ventrilo And A Mic? -
Yes we have.

- Why Do You Want To Join NWO -

Snowly and me are interested on joining your guild because we like your playstil, acting and experience about this game.

We are friendy, experienced have much time to play, willed to learn and we can listen to a leader and i think we aren`t bad at this game but we want to be better, better then the rest and we think, NWO is the right guild for this.

- Introduction -

My name is Martin (Lithin), Snowly is called Andrej, age 22, working, Andrej is 17 and is going to school.
My experience about games is since 9 years. I chill more then i rage abot anything, I´m not loud ... I chill allways xD

Andrej played like 10 mmorpg´s since the last 4 years, he learn fast, he calms down allways. So our hobbys are playing, music, girlfriends Smile

- Favorite Faction -

We like playing all Factions.

- Favorite Hero -

Aeonia: Me - Magu / Adelia
Andrej - Keias / Bazraal

Orien: Me - Kazure / Gandilva / ARC
Andrej - Takiru / Ignes

- Pet Peeves -
There isn't really something.

- Experience -

In AH? Since OB ...

Thanks for listen.

Greetz, Lith and Snow.

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PostSubject: Re: Snowly´s and Lithin´s Apllication   Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:06 am

Could you guys fills out the individual application formats?
It's just nice to have it organized and so we can better know you guys.

Thanks Smile
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Snowly´s and Lithin´s Apllication
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