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 Tips You MUST Know About Nachasha

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PostSubject: Tips You MUST Know About Nachasha   Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:47 am

I always recommend Illusion Copy/Illusion Walk/Queen's Power as skill setup.

1. Nachasha's Queens Power skill(accumulated dmg 16) does not stack with misamenatsu.

2. If nachasha gets misa misamenatsu takes priority and accumulated dmg will be 15.

3. Nachasha's accumulated damage is MAGIC DAMAGE. Using magic protection scroll will disable accumulated dmg.
But, even though it is magic damage it does not get affected by crystal of magic/magic damage%/magic defence

4. If Nachasha attacks and critical dmg was given, it does not follow accumulated dmg, nor it counts.
So does miss. in case Laina has illusion and use it on you, dispel yourself right away! and always try to make high accuracy(includes etereal stone)

5. Accumulated dmg gets reset after 2 seconds not being hit.
So, if enemy uses magic protection scroll, you have to remove protection and give it another hit within 2 seconds.
considering this, Nachasha having high critical % is not favourable.
If continuous crit dmg is given for 2 seconds, accumulated dmg gets reset.

6. If you're nachasha, DO NOT BUY 'magic protection armor' or 'ghost face armor'
The reason for this, is that equiping magic protection armor or ghost face armor will create an aura
below the character. The problem is, if nachasha creates copy of herself illusions WILL NOT HAVE the aura.
With this, enemy can spot which is copy and which is real immediately.

TIP - The item which can be upgraded by despera and increasing magic defence and all attributes,
does not give aura to the character.
So, if nachasha wants to increase magic def, use despera item, or cheap item(keypad 8 i think, magic def 10%)

7. DO NOT BUY meteor or flame robe, because copies does not give its effect(splash dmg)

8. BE CAREFUL(not DO NOT) when nachasha has beholder crystal robe.
Because beholder crystal robe's attack range increase by 3m does not apply to copies.
So if nachasha and copies move together and find an enemy in front,
real nachasha will stand at behind as it has longest attack range.
Copies have 3m less attack range, it will get closer to attack.

9. If Gandilva has passive skill(magic def increase), you MAY use magic protection armor or ghost face armor.
But it is quite risky since there is no guarantee that gandilva will always move with you(ported or dead)
Also, passive will give 25% magic def itself when it is mastered,
so there is actually no reason to buy magic defence increasing armors
(if you care about 5% when you want to have magic protection armor, it's your choice)

10. Illusion copying skill has a special effect, which is removal of all the skills effective on nachasha.
For example, if dukan used ulti on nachasha and nachasha used illusion copy skill immediately, dukan ulti is gone(wasted)
But it also removes good skills casted on nachasha such as gandilva's heal,heath's howl of wolves, magic protection scroll etc.

11. Nachasha's illusion walk(teleport) enables dodging from missile-type attacks(eg. dukans arrow of pain/demon and spirit erosion). Simply teleport before arrow get to you.
So, saving magic protection scroll!
TIP - This is not for nachasha, but for other characters with teleport skill in Aeonia.
If bingokyung use ulti on you and you try teleport, it will follow you until you are hit by it/ported/use invincibility items/skills.

12. Illusions are not just there to stay close to real one and fight with, Illusions are great for aquiring sights around the map. Why not scout around the map with illusions?
Personal Tip- if nachasha reached level to create 2 illusions, scout map with two illusions only, together.
most enemy will think one is real and one is fake. If they try to attack you, make one run away.
enemy will target one running away and use skills on that illusion.
Sooner or later, they find that both were illusion(wasted skills). If they used ultis, that is superb.

13. Purpose of Illusion is to confuse enemy, so take advantage of it. Fake/no fake.
Try to fake that the illusion is the real nachasha. or use reverse psychology to make enemy think real nachasha is fake(like trying to make illusion run away).
People always have their pattern, such as always holding nachasha behind the illusions. Dont be trapped in your pattern!

14. Batrash with skill "self-confidence of winner" is your worst enemy, since Batrash can see which one is real. So, in battle, try to kill batrash first.

15. If nachasha is dealing with pallas with crossbow skill active and using bugle(lifesteal items), try to remove illusions away from pallas' attack range and fight alone.
lifesteal rate of pallas will be reduced to around 25%(since illusions take more dmg, more lifesteal), much easier to deal with.

16. This is about nachasha's passive 'sadistic fascination' which increases accuracy and evasion. Accuracy increase stacks with accuracy increasing items(bow of chaser, mantle of pegasus).
But Evasion does not stack with ether tunic/evolved ether tunic.
I do not recommend using this skill, but people should know this since i saw quite many people buying ether tunic with passive..

17. Seduction of ninetails is CRAP skill. It really is.
Don't ever use it unless you have no skills to choose coz nachasha has sp below 500.
if you get sadistic fascination, remove seduction and put sadistic fascination in.
Then if nachasha has sp 1250 and queens power available, remove sadistic fascination and put queen's power in.
if you dont like sadistic fascination's defence decrease, that's fine, just dont raise it and put it into all attributes(all stats) that will give you +8 all attributes.
8 all stats = dmg+8,def+2,atk speed+15%, 0.8% evasion rate, 0.8% critical rate, 176 hp, 1.6 hp regen and some mp&mp regen(i dunno how much mp is increased every 1 int stat, i never cared)

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PostSubject: Thanks   Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:26 am

Thanks Artesia for the tip ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Tips You MUST Know About Nachasha   Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:06 pm

lol , ye , thanks , really enough information
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PostSubject: Re: Tips You MUST Know About Nachasha   Fri Nov 26, 2010 2:24 am

Nachasha's accumulated damage is stack with misamenatsu now. becasue i check on item info on avalon heroes and it shhow accumulated damage is stack with misamenatsu. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Tips You MUST Know About Nachasha   Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:37 pm

misa works but nachahsa's skill does not work if nachasha has it XD
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PostSubject: Re: Tips You MUST Know About Nachasha   Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:31 am

Just watch to the item/skill information to get for 100% the full knowing about stack or not stack Very Happy

btw thx for info but i'm not the fan from nasha Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tips You MUST Know About Nachasha   

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Tips You MUST Know About Nachasha
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