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PostSubject: [Bentilus Guide] 3 Active   [Bentilus Guide] 3 Active EmptyFri May 21, 2010 2:59 pm

[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Bentscreen
Bentilus is a recent addition to Avalon Heroes EU on the Aeonia side. It’s currently still an AP hero so some of you might have a hard time getting one. (I’ve seen them range from 200k-300k aron in shops)
Apart from that Bentilus is a pretty versatile hero. There’s generally two ways to play him, a dps hero with 2 passives or a hero hunter with 3 actives.

Here’s my arguments for both types:

At first glance, many may consider Bentilus a strong dps hero. And there’s no doubt he is. Although his end stats aren’t anything impressive, the equal balance of str/agi/phy gives him strong, fast attacks and the hp to boost. But what really brings out his potential are his passive. Its steel wings gives a formidable 75 att and 50% att speed. Concentration also turns Bentilus as powerful as takiru with 25% crit. Unfortunately, despite its great potential, melee carries are always going to be disadvantageous to ranged carries. Because of this, Bentilus can be much more effective to a team as a hero killer. Unlike similar games like DotA, there is a much greater emphasis on jungling. Because of this, laning should be left to heroes who are delicate but shine late game. The most common heroes that fit these categories are ranged heroes who can line relatively safe among the tower lines. They need the line because they might have difficulty competing with other jungling heroes due to low hp or lack of burst damage (usually actives)
Anyway, what makes Bentilus great is his 3 actives that average 400 dmg each. Even more so, unlike secmat (another great 3 active hero killer), Bentilus has 2 disables and an aoe nuke, thus adding to his already powerful arsenal.

Stat Points
Base stats:
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Basestats
Lvl 25 stats:
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Lvl25stats
Lvl 25 stats with stat points and skills
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Lvl25statsskills
Lvl 25 stats with stat points, skills, and items
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Lvl25statsitems


Stat increase:
Strength: 3 per level
Agility: 3 per level
Intelligence: 1 per level
Physical: 3 per level

Charge of Zealot:
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Chargeofzealot
Range: 12m
Target: Hero, Creature, Monster
Faint 1.5 seconds
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Mana cost: 54, 100, 139, 172
Damage: 100, 200, 300, 400
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Chargeanimation

Skill explanation: This is Bent’s all purpose stun. What’s nice about it is that you have a range of 12m, and thus you can easily pass through terrain either to surprise an enemy or escape to a creep. The downside is that theres a half second cast time where enemies can pop a scroll. Good news is that your skill will just cancel and you will neither lose mana nor activate the cooldown for the skill so you can dispel and try again.

Demon Slaughter:
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Demonanimation
Aoe: 14m
Target: Hero, Creature, Monster
Cooldown: 8
Mana: 29, 57, 86, 114
Damage: 100, 200, 300, 400
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Demonslaughter

Skill explanation: This is Bent’s bread and butter. Its aoe is rather ridiculous and has an amazing cooldown of 8 seconds. This and its low mana cost allows you to spam this whenever you want.

Conviction of Heaven:

[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Convictionofheaven
Requirements: Lvl 4
Range: 4m
Target: Hero
Enemy invulnerability: 2sec
Cooldown: 15
Mana: 54, 107, 161, 215
Damage: 90, 180, 270, 360
Att speed decrease: 100% (4 sec)
Movespeed decrease: 300 (4 sec)
Silence (4sec)

Skill explanation: A strong disable. It is unavoidable as it has no cast time. So just dispel and get within 4m (near-melee) range of them. It launches an enemy hero in the air for 2 seconds (they’re invulnerable during that time) and when they land, they take damage and become disabled (slow and silence) It’s effective to chase, against spellcasters, and to prevent enemies from using their port. The silence is dispellable however. Be sure not to use it on a hero that’s already disabled though. (Like Kieas stun, Drake’s hold, secmat’s ulti)

Xenocide Demon
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Xenocidedemon
Requirements: Lvl 6
Aoe: 20m
Target: Hero, Creature, Monster, Building
Duration: 10 seconds
Aoe damage: 130, 160
Self defense increase: 10
Magic immunity
Tornado: Every 2 seconds, last 4 seconds
Mana: 350
Cooldown: 150
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Xenocideanimation

Skill explanation: Bent’s ultimate, it has its uses but to fit this playstyle, you won’t need it right away. If you’re familiar with ignes’ ulti its similar. Basically Bentillius turns himself into a giant tornado and spins around damaging people and buildings in a 20m aoe. It wont hit magic immune so you’ll have to dispel. You also can’t auto attack or use skills during this effect. You can however use items like dispel, and bracers. Like Baratash’s ultimate, this skill also damages buildings. More so, you’re magic immune during this time so you can use it to escape if you have to. Take note that you’re only magic immune and not physical immune. (You can still get hit by attacks that can target magic immune like Raki’s ulti)

Skills we won't be using:

Concentration of Demon Slayer
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Concentrationdemonslayer

Steel Wings of Judgment

[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Steelwings

Skill build:
Lvl 1: Demon slaughter
Lvl 2: Charge
Lvl 3: Demon slaughter
Lvl 4: Conviction
Lvl 5: Demon slaughter
Lvl 6: Charge
Lvl 7: Demon slaughter
Lvl 8: Charge
Lvl 9: Charge
Lvl 10: Xenocide
Lvl 11-13: Conviction
Lvl 14: Xenocide
Lvl 15-25: Stats

Skill build justification:
Bent relies heavily on his nukes to dish out the pain. As demon slaughter is your main creep and damage tool, it should be maxed out first to take advantage of its 400 dmg. Getting 1 level of charge and conviction when you can is important as disables as well. The reason why demon is getting first instead of charge is to last hit the lane creeps. (2 tower hits then demon = 55 gold for you) Your ulti won’t nab you kill early on so we can put it off until later. Its especially annoying in team battles where your tornado will randomly shoot off an enemy your team is focusing on.

Combo order:

Bentillius is blessed with 3 actives and thus can become an effective hero killer. The primary combo you will be using involves using all of your actives and then some if needed.
You initiate with your charge of zealot. Use the range and terrain (stay uphill) to get the jump on your opponent. Don’t get discouraged if they pop a scroll, just dispel and try again. When your opponent is stunned, that gives you time to use demon slaughter and follow up with conviction. If you’re fast enough they should never have time to pop a scroll. When the hero falls back down they’ll be disabeled and silenced. Often times they’ll cast a protection scroll if they have it or dispel themselves. Either way, dispel when need to and follow up with bracers or another demon slaughter.

Game Strategy:

Not that the guide assumes that you’re playing a map other than Mines or Swamp.

Early Game (Lvl1-6):
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Itembuild2
Your starting items should consist of hp and mp recovery/boosters as you start to build your boots. The great thing about this build is that you are not item dependent, and only need bracers and all the hp you can get.
Start off with either a Seal of magical powers (hotkey 9 for 825gold) to start your chain boots of darkness or a Crystal of harmony (hotkey 8 for 800 gold) to start your Diamond of Grand Nature.
Your first two core items are the Chain Boots of darkness and Grand Nature Diamond (Both combination items in D) These two will boost hp by 600, mp by 300, hp recovery by 8 and mp recovery by 11 together.
Start off by going to a lane. You can go solo if you want but you don’t need the early boost of xp. Your lane partner won’t matter either as you won’t be staying long. I would advise against cutting the lane as your starting stats aren’t spectacular. Leave that to ranged heroes with poison or more durable heroes. The first 2 minutes are really important to you. You want to make sure you last his every creep wave so you can start off with that extra 400~ gold from the first 4 waves. Last hitting is actually rather easy with Bentillius as the consistent use of your skills will guarantee the kills. Start off with your demon slayer. As the first wave approaches, let 2 tower hits damage the creep then finish it off right away with your demon slayer. Later on, you can just basic the creep after 2 hits but for now only demon slayer or charge will deal enough damage to finish the creep after 2 tower hits.
As soon as the game clock hits 2 minutes, go after the spawns. By now you should hopefully have lvl 2 demon slayer. If you don’t the creeps will take a bit longer to kill but make sure you take them before the other team. The first 4 minutes you’re trying to take as many as the creeps as you can. Go after the ones in pairs first as they’ll be easier to kill for you and make sure to spam your skills often. Their mana cost is ridiculously low early on so don’t worry about your mp. You should have your Seal of magical powers by now so that’s an extra 3 mp regen. Once you hit lvl 5 (hopefully by 4 minutes) you can start your hero hunting. A great place to start is at the 4 minute spawns. You shouldn’t take them by yourself right now unless you have a team with you. Alternatively, you should travel to the spawn where your teammates AREN’T at and listen in to see if you hear fighting. If you do, rush in and steal any low hp ones with a demon slayer (300 dmg aoe). If you’re lucky, execute your combo on any low hp heroes for an early kill.

Mid Game (Lvl 7-14)
[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Itembuild3
Here is where you really begin to shine. Hopefully you managed to hinder your enemy’s leveling capabilities by consistently running around and stealing their creeps. If you’re lucky, you might have picked off a few heroes for a nice extra 300 gold. By now you should have your nature stone completed as well as your boots and maybe started work on your bracers. The next few items depend on the situation. If there invisible heroes, getting an eye of true vision and building your shield is a good idea. Otherwise just concentrate on the bracers. One of your core items is actually a storage item, the Str (red) Vibrating armlet. For 2500 gold, this gives you a 200 dmg nuke (unreduced by magic def) and some nice stats (14 str, 7 agi, 7 int, 7 phy) But if you don’t have one, buying the combination bracer and then another armlet of quake is fine.
During this stage of the game you want to run around stealing creeps as always but also hunting solo heroes or even those in pairs. Your combo is extremely powerful, and combined with the two disables, will often prevent enemies from counter attacking. Always take note of enemies hp so you can decide which one to target first and which ones will die instantly to your combo. Your total damage output within that 4 seconds should be around:400 (charge) + 400 (demon) + 360 (conviction) + 200 (bracer) + 200 (bracer) + 400 (demon) =1960 – magic defence (Note: Bracers aren’t reduced by magic def) Do the calculations yourself if you haven’t maxed out all your skills yet.
In team clashes your primary role is to pick off their dps or spellcasters. Often times they will have the least hp anyways so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Your silence is very effective spellcasters like gandi, hekami, seimei and yohong so make sure to take them out quick otherwise their ultis will turn the tide in clashes.

Late Game (Lvl 15-25)

[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Itembuild
By now I hope you’ve grabbed a few kills and significantly limited your enemy’s levels. Although your effectiveness does decrease as the game drags on, you are still extremely useful with your combo and disables. As always, go after their juicy heroes, usually the ranged dps or spellcasters. Once you have enough hp and armor, take our some towers with your ultimate. In team clashes, also consider using your ultimate. When doing so, make sure you prepared a few extra dispel potions to dispel the enemy heroes while in tornado form, and be sure to spam your bracers too.

[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active Bentiliustower

Item Notes:

MP Manuals (and Advanced MP Manuals)
One of my favorite items to get at the beginning of the game are the mp manuals. They give you either 200 mp or 300 mp permanently for the rest of the game. You can find these usually in Coins you get from leveling up. Having one of these in the beginning will fix your early game mana problem.
HP Vs. Bracers
A common argument is to determine whether or not to load on hp or load on bracers. This is usually up to the player and the situation. For example, if you find your opponents are all squishy, but pack high nukes, delay the bracers and load up on hp stones. If you find that you’re farming very well, load up on bracers. Just remember that both the upgraded bracers (Storage Vibrating one and the Regular combination vibrating one) gives +7 to all stats so that’s roughly 150 extra mp and hp right there.
Magic Protection Armor
One of the best items you can get with your storage points. Not only does it cost less than its in-game counterpart, but the storage one also gives 5% more magic def and more hp. The best thing about these is that the dispel actually chains twice so you can effectively dispel 3 targets if they’re close. Take note that dispel potions have a longer range so if you’re chasing.. it might be wise to carry a potion as well as the armor.

Hero Notes:
You rely on burst damage which essentially consists of your skill combo + bracers. You do have cooldowns so you want to hope that your first combo will either kill them or force them start fleeing so you can start chasing. Naturally this means that heroes with high hp are your bane. Once you get past early game or start to enter late game, avoid taking on tanks (2.5k+) by yourself unless they’re already weakened. As always go for the enemies squishy heroes, usually their dps or supports.
There are also some special mentions to watch out for.
Rakisha: His king’s dignity will make your combos worthless so watch out for that
Hekami: Her magic shock will be a thorn to you. Don’t let it dissuade you from performing your combo though, your skills costs ridiculously small amounts of mana (compared to other heroes) so It won’t damage you nearly as much
Shao: High hp and his ulti makes him immune. His magic burn doesn’t do much to you though, you should already have a large mana pool
Ignes: Mana burn for 440 hurts abit especially at lower levels. Consider investing in mp manuals.
Yohong: Since you’re 3 actives watch out for her ulti/dispel. You can use a protection scroll to avoid the silence but watch out in case anyone dispels you. Its best to target her first with your combo/silence.

Map Notes:
Your role is to creep as well as severely disrupt the opposing team’s creeping capabilities. With your demon slaughter’s aoe range, harass enemies constantly and steal the last hit whenever you can. This works especially well in city and crossroads where you can easily take care of the 2minutes with one demon slaughter.
Swamp is a bit tricky. Here the late game carries tend to have the advantage since the creeps are so plentiful and give high xp and gold. 3 actives isn’t as effective here as in other maps as you can’t control all the creeps due to the sheer amount of them.
Mines is, in theory, your most favorable map. The mechanics of the map make xp gain notoriously high and gold gain low. Since you’re highly dependent on skills, this benefits you as you don’t need your items as much, just your 3 actives. As soon as you feel ready (probably lvl 10 and on), leave your lane and go around harassing the enemy liners as well as jungle for creatures.

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Im just using this space to edit my post and so i can see what it kind of looks like before i submit it. Feel free to critique and tell me if theres any mistakes i made though, thanks Smile
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no armlets, full hp instead
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[Bentilus Guide] 3 Active
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