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 Swamp EMS Strategies

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PostSubject: Swamp EMS Strategies   Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:37 pm

Here's the two strategies we used:
Yunkwanchung, Subakerim, Juajin, Yoichi, Hekami

Instead of organized play, we ended up using a shotgun tactic. The idea was to spread out and creep fast and hard. We hope to get suba, juajin and yoichi extremely farmed from free farming to carry the game. With yunk, we'll force them to constantly split up and protect their base through zombie-ing. Hekami can easily defend any attack with land protection (if properly used.)
Additionally, suba/yoichi/yunk all have the capabilities to easily destroy miners and cannon towers for extra gold and levels.
For end game we planned on multi-pronged attacks. Juajin and yunk are both capable of solo carrying at the base and suba/yoichi can also do so to a lesser extent.

Laina, Durof, Pallas, Bazraal, Maguiel

Knowing that any team that plays swamp oriens will have yunk, we decided to take a risky rush tactic. The plan was to rush their guardian and creature barracks at 7. Pallas for warcry, laina with temptation and the powerful 6 minute mobs found in swamp, durof for evasion, scope and building destruction and bazraal for def decrease. We originally considered baratash for his 6 min ulti as well but we ended up replacing him with maggy. The reasoning was that maggy would be essential if our early rush failed, maggy could slip away and farm unopposed while they protect their base. Eventually maggy would carry the game late game for us.

The rush was planned as so: After finishing the 3min spawns, we wait for laina to tempt 2 lvl 15 mobs. Hopefully by then we would have at least one creature, and if we did, we summon all than we can. If the opposing team has a hekami with land protection, we might try to feign attack on top or bottom to get her to cast it before switching to middle. Hopefully with the combined power of Drums, warcry, harp, laina ult, creatures, and lvl 15 mobs we can take the guardian and the creature barracks. Unfortunately for the EMS, we failed to do either. Nevertheless, we fell back to farming maggy and pallas to carry late game.
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PostSubject: Woot   Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:34 pm

Thank you winter!

<3 you!
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Swamp EMS Strategies
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