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 Ignes Guide

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Ignes Guide IgnesBanner
Creeping Hero

Ignes Guide Hellfire Hellfire
Ignes Guide Taunt Taunt
Ignes Guide Manaevaporation Mana Evaporation
Ignes Guide Ultimatedef Ultimate Defense
Ignes Guide Hardness Hardness of the Elemental King
Ignes Guide Ignesulti Sacrifice of Fire

Spell Breaking Boots
Evolved Grand Nature Stone
mp and hp enhancement stone -> Armor of Hardness
(Meteor stone)
Shield of True Vision(if necessary)
Speed Ring
sell Armor of Hardness Armor of Absolute
sell Evolved Grand Nature Stone and buy Harp of Muse
Ether Tunic

Raise Taunt to lvl 1 in the beginning - if you use taunt while a hero in hidding is the range he will unhide and attack Ignes
Use mana evaporation to low-mp char(e.g. Keias, Raiksha)

If you open 3 Slots:

Ignes Guide Movespeed Movement Speed
Ignes Guide Allatri All Attribute
Ignes Guide Def Defense or Ignes Guide Phy Physical

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Ignes Guide
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