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 Dukan Guide

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PostSubject: Dukan Guide   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:45 am


Line or Creeping Hero
Damage Dealer

Eternal Fugitive
Whisper of Demons
Compromise with Demons

Sword of Poison -> Sword of Fetal Venom
Seal of Magical Powers -> Chain Boots of Darkness -> Flame Boots
hp enhancement stone -> Armor of Transcendent Convertness
Sharp Shooter Bow -> Blade Claw of Storm
Sword of Conviction and Punishment
sell the Sword of Fetal Venom and buy Beholder's Crystal Robe
Sword of Deathblow(together w/ the Compromise with Demons)
Blessing of Flame
Sword of Fear

Compromise with Demons is not efficient in the beginning
Boots are not necessary in the begging = compensate with Eternal Fugitive
Use your Ultimate on Heros who got no recall (teleport) - check it before using!! Smile

If you open 3 Slots:

All Attribute
Agility or Critical

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Dukan Guide
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