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 Bazraal Guide

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PostSubject: Bazraal Guide   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:45 am


Creeping Hero

Storm of Plague
Breath of Plague
Armor of Bones

Spell Breaking Boots
Evolved grand nature stone
mp and hp enhancement stones -> Armor of Hardness
Shield of True vision(when there is hiding char)
Spell Breaking Armor
Armor of Absolute
(Armor of Chief Gapekeeper of Hell)
Harp of Muse
Ether Tunic

Breath of Plague is NECESSARY because of the wide-range def. decrease and HP recovery stop!
This decrement also affects buildings!
Bazraal's ulti works on buildings Smile
If ur team seems dominate the game, u can go meteor for faster solo-creeping
During a big fight, rush to the enemy and try to use your Ultimate on as much ppl as possible

If you open 3 Slots:

Movement Speed
All Attribute
Defense or Physical

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Bazraal Guide
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