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 Juajin Guide

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PostSubject: Juajin Guide   Juajin Guide EmptySun Aug 01, 2010 11:51 am

Juajin Guide Juai
Line Hero
Terror / Tanker / Damage Dealer

.:: introduction

Juajin is an strength hero. What does that mean? Basically it means that she will become a great damage dealer, despite having no active skills. An advantage of the str classes are that they are able to deal great endgame damage, with their x3 crit multiplier item, hammer of hell. Juajin benefits a lot from tanking heroes who take the damage for her while she deals damage to the heroes or terror at the enemy's base. A word of warning, however, for beginners: Juajin is not the easiest of heroes to use among plethora of others. I have seen many people simply take tiger or turtle stance and end up not doing well in combat. Although it is ok if you sacrifice harmony stance for a tiger or turtle, I would recommend taking dragon and high mountain stance, because those two skills are what makes Juajin unique as a terror. If you are training a 0 sp juajin, I would recommend taking dragon and another stance of your choice, instead of picking both.

.:: skills

Juajin Guide Tigerstance Tiger Stance : one of the basic skill used by Juajin. If you choose this Skill you will be able to deal damage, while buying hp and def items. Thanks to the additional Attackspeed you recieve through this Stance.

Juajin Guide Dragonstance Dragon Stance: Greatest Terrorskill ever. No other hero has the ability to instantly switch and deal double dmg to buildings, except pallas, but Juajin also receives 30 "additional damage," which deals pure damage to the Enemy/Building (most effective against buildings). Although you can only level this skill up once, it consumes VERY heavy mana in the beginning if you do not control its use carefully.

Juajin Guide Turtlestance Turtle Stance: A recomended skill to take while playing Juajin as Tank. This skill is only recomended if you have to creep with Juajin. Thanks to the splash damage you are able to forward line at level 1 and obtain enough gold and exp to creep.

Juajin Guide Highmountainstance High Mountain Stance: A must have skill whether you are playing Juajin as DPS (damage per second) or Terror Hero. Other Stances will NOT deactivate while using this skill. As soon as you activate the skill you will deal damage to everything within your range, allowing you to destroy 2 buildings at the same time and possibly get a kill with some luck, if opponents are not aware of your splash damage area. High mountain stance is EXTREMELY effective in mines of oblivion where soldiers tend to mass up if the line is not controlled.

Juajin Guide Harmonystance Harmony Stance : This is another must have skill. You do not have to buy boots as soon as other heroes, because even with the cheapest boots (for 550 gold) you will be faster than other heroes with chain boots. Also the 30% Strength allows you to deal more damage as you level up.

Juajin Guide Grandfight Grand Fight Stance: Juajin's ultimate skill. She gets a a bonus of +25 all Attributes and a higher mp recovery rate. With the additional stats it is much easier to kill/tank outposts, cannon towers, or whatever you want. A downside is that it only lasts 25 seconds, so make the most out of this 25 second duration.

.:: skill order

I will show only a examples for Terror playing style here.
There are many more builds possible, but would be a pain to show them all =P
  • lvl1: Harmony Stance
  • lvl2: All Attributes
  • lvl3: Harmony Stance
  • lvl4: All Attributes
  • lvl5: Harmony Stance
  • lvl6: Grand Fight Stance
  • lvl7: Dragon Stance
  • lvl8: High Mountain Stance
  • lvl9: All Attributes
  • lvl10: All Attributes
  • lvl11: All Attributes
  • lvl12: All Attributes
  • lvl13: Grand Fight Stance

The advantage of this build is that you can steal 4min creeps easily at once, if you get the chance you can kill them all in like 5 seconds.

The disadvantage is that you are not that useful for teamfights because you have absolutely zero active skills or anything useful to kill enemies in early and midgame, also at endgame it will be extremely hard to kill anything, because people will simply run away when they are at low health.

.:: item build

there are lots of different ways of playing Juajin. As I already said a couple times before, I want to concentrate on a terror and dps build.

*Magical diamond of grand nature*
-> necklace of regeneration
-> crystal of harmony
-> ring of concentration
-> glove of quickness
the diamond will be sold for Northeasterly Wind Armlet as soon as you fell like you got enough hp

*Chain Boots of Darkness*
-> seal of magical powers (depends on your money, if you're doing well you may also go straight for Boots of Red Flame)
exchanged with Boots of Red Flame in late game

*detection sword, if necessary* (storage detection swords are much better than regular ones, and they can be purchased at lobby store)

*Sword of Conviction and Punishment*
-> Battle Hammer
-> Glove of light speed
-> broad sword

*Ring of Speed*

*Seal of Taegeuk*

*Sword of Fear*

.:: general tactical comments

As previously mentioned, Juajin does not have a huge amount of hp. If you get stunned by your opponents and cannot escape from a melee fight you will find yourself in the top right corner of the screen for a while. To minimize the chance of getting surprised by opponents you should always have a far-seeing scroll activated and run as soon as you see enemies, because the might be planning to gank you. Most times, common sense will save you many deaths. For example, do not run into the enemies alone unless you are 100% sure you can beat them (which is usually very unlikely). Also, make sure you turn your stances OFF when you are not creeping or in combat as to minimize your MP reduction. This is especially important in te beginning as you have very scarce mana, so you must learn to control when to use your skills.

.:: The early game

The early game is a less important period of time in the game with Juajin. You will just concentrate on the line and try to get some creeps from time to time, but make sure that you dont miss a soldierwave at the line. Make sure you turn off stances after each wave unless you want to spend money buying mp potion after every wave.

.:: The mid game

...here we go! now we we will start to pressure the enemy Very Happy
As soon as you reach level 12 you should be able to start killing at least one outpost at a time (with ultimate skill on). Try to get them while the opponents are fighting / creeping at the other side of the map, best chances are every 4 or 5 minutes, so the other camp has to decide if the want to lose creeps or outposts. Constantly watching the minimap while playing Juajin is crucial because if the enemies are near you when you attack buildings, you will be a very easy prey. Your main goal after you get all the outposts is to steal creeps and grow faster than anyone else, it is best if you do not stay with your team. If enemies show up use your ring of speed to escape. Don't forget to always creep with High Mountain Stance, you will be able to kill 4min creeps faster than anyone. Getting the golem is somehow a MUST HAVE so always have a look at the clock and do not risk your life in the minutes before the golem appear. A neat trick after you summon golem is, if you go right underneath it while it is attacking, you will mesh with the golem and opponents will not be able to click on your hero, allowing you to raze buildings very fast. As soon as you feel like you got enough levels try to kill the Barracks. Just focus on the barracks and the adjacent towers will get damaged through your high mountain if you angle yourself correctly.

.:: The late game

There is not much to say about Juajin in the late game because if you were doing well the game should be already over =D. Your main job is destroy buildings, as soon as there is a fight somewhere at the map.
If the opponents stay at the base to defend your attacks let your team jump in first, so other mates will get stunned instead of you. Try to utilize tempest scrolls as well (from the lobby store) for a quick building kill. If you were able to kill the outposts quickly in the early and mid game and maybe also 1 or even both of the barracks you should be able to finish the game before the opponents reach high levels and become a pain in the ass

.:: epilogue

In Avalon, timing is everything. The difference between a beginner and an advanced player is knowing the time when they need to lvl up, the time they need to kill buildings, and the time they need to react in a certain situation. (ok and sometimes the choices you make in special situations but that is another chapter). For example destroying the radar with yunkwanchung after 15-20minutes is not strong and will not give any advantage to your team but if you kill it after a few minutes with your first or 2nd ultimate it will put enormous pressure on your opponents to guard their base. Do not waste too much time with Juajin in the early and mid game because in that period of time you have to get as much exp and gold as possible to outlevel the opponents

If you open 3 Slots:

Juajin Guide Movespeed Movement Speed
Juajin Guide Allatri All Attribute
Juajin Guide Str Strength

This should be enough from my side so far,
I'd be happy if you give me some feedback.




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Posts : 148
Join date : 2010-02-03
Age : 29
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PostSubject: Re: Juajin Guide   Juajin Guide EmptyThu Nov 04, 2010 9:35 am


i´m going to write all guides like that.
volunteers are welcome Very Happy

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Juajin Guide
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