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 [Heathpati] Basic Lane/Chase heath

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PostSubject: [Heathpati] Basic Lane/Chase heath   Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:29 pm

Heath's role in most cases would be the laner, and then dps/support in late game.
Skills: I'll add these later =/

A standard build would be: Heal, poision jav, att speed buff.

For the most part you only need one point in the heal, and max out the jav and att buff first. The heal can be maxed out later for team pushes at guardian/dust/etc

You have pretty good potential to be a dps/chaser. Your agi gain is ridiculous so late game you should have no problem dishing out massive dps, and with your poison jav on auto attack, you can effectively chase and kill. Your heal is also a great utility move for defense and attacks on the base and jungle.

Here's my item build strat:
Start off with poison sword form 9 and a proc scroll as well as a dispel.
If you're laning boots wont be necessary until at least 5/6 mins into the game, maybe not needed all the way until 10/15.
Upgrade the poison sword to fatal venom from 'd'.
If your opponents have invsi, get an eye and either upgrade to the sword or sell the eye and pull the sword of truthful vision from your account storage.
If they have a heavy nuker like moon, some more hp might be needed so either get dark chain boots or the flaming meteor boots.
After that get your recommended agi items (The third one from d) that gives 25 agi, etc. Each agi point = 1.5% attspeed so that item has the largest ias gain.
Robe of beholder
Sword of crime and punishment

After that, if the game isnt over, you might want to opt for more survivability like ether tunic, or ghost face if they have heavy m-att, and just finish off capping your att speed or getting crit items.
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PostSubject: Re: [Heathpati] Basic Lane/Chase heath   Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:38 pm

ty for it , gona try it Very Happy
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[Heathpati] Basic Lane/Chase heath
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