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 Laina Guide

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PostSubject: Laina Guide   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:57 am


Creeping Hero
Primarily Buff / Debuff char.
Fooled by Disintegrating Mirror =/

Illusion(recommanded in guild match) or Temptation(recommanded in pub)
Healing Song

Spell breaking boots
Evolved grand nature stone
3 hp enhancement stones -> Armor of Hardness
Absolute Armor
Shield of True Vision
(Ring of Time Control)

Heal alot
use ulti in huge fight
dont use slip too often - it makes the enemy invulnerable
use slip when the team is chasing a char!!
use illusion as frequently as u can
If u put temptation, it is fooled by the Disintegrating mirror BUT when the enemy points colledted gets over 3000
the line mobs r quite strong (u know that). u can temptate those line mobs XD

If you open 3 Slots:

Movement Speed
All Attribute

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Laina Guide
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