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 Baratsh Guide

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PostSubject: Baratsh Guide   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:59 am


Line or Creeping Hero
Damage Dealer (Line) or Tanker (Creeping)

Damage Dealer Tanker
Katar of Intense Cold Cruel Carnage
Self-confidence of the Winner Self-confidence of the Winner
Rechless Breakthough Counter Blow

Damage Dealer Tanker
Seal of Magical Powers -> Chain Boots of Darkness -> Red Flame Boots Boots(550)
Sword of Conviction and Punishment Evolved Grand Nature Stone
hp enhancement stone -> Armor of Hardness hp enhancement stone -> Armor of Hardness
2Glove of Light Speed Shield of True Vision(if necessary)
Blade of Final Blow -> Sword of Deathblow Armor of Absolute
Sword of True Vision(if necessary) Spell Breaking Armor
Northeasterly Wind Armlet Ether Tunic
Buggle of Bloody Crimson Fan of Bloody Wind

DO NOT use ulti when Fletcher Brothers tries to use ulti
IT is very good to use Bazraal or Jarje ulti after Baratsh ulti
NOTE that During the freeze status, enemies are magic immunity
U can ulti-save by using the invulnerable skill Smile (e.g. bing ulti)

If you open 3 Slots:

Movement Speed
All Attribute or Strength
Defense or Critical

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Baratsh Guide
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