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 Patch Notice: New Heroes & Items

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PostSubject: Patch Notice: New Heroes & Items   Patch Notice: New Heroes & Items EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 5:50 am

Patch Notice: New Heroes & Items 18610-100721-patch-notice

Heroes, you can now enhance your collection of unique fighters with another two special warriors: Seductive Aprasas joins in for Oriens, while destructive Gai will from now on fight for Aeonia. Take a look at the july patch and find out what else is new!

New Heroes

Two new Heroes have been added to the game. Take a look at Aprasas' and Gai's abilities in the AP Store. Who knows, maybe you will beat the Legendary Mob with one of them?

Patch Notice: New Heroes & Items 18612-100721-aprasas

Aprasas (a shapeshifter): A destruction type Hero featuring long-range attacks. Uses the magic of the wind, supports the allies, and demonstrates her powerful abilities against a large number of enemies.
Aprasas Hero Package with Aprasas (1250 SP) & 20,000 Aron: 6,045 AP

Patch Notice: New Heroes & Items 18613-100721-gai

Gai (a mutant): A destruction type Hero featuring close-range attacks. The character attacks a large number of enemies by dashing to the front line and also has great destructive powers on buildings.
Gai Hero Package with Gai (1250 SP) & 20,000 Aron: 6,045 AP

Detailed information about the Heroes and their skills can also be found in the AP Store in Avalon Heroes.

Hero Costumes

Two new Choice Costumes have been added to the AP Store and you can now purchase new outfits for Gandilva and Adalia as well! Curious? Click here to take a look at all the costumes before you decide which ones suit your Heroes best.

New Items

New items have been added to the game. Visit the AP Store to find out more about the new consumables, treasure boxes that contain various useful and rare items or contracts that will boost your heroic experience in Avalon Heroes:

Additional Adjustments

The following tweaks have also been applied to the game:

* You will now find super rare Grade 2 Ethereal Stones in addition to the Grades 5 (worst) to 3 (best until now - Grade 2 is better) in the Ethereal Gem Boxes at the AP Store. Don't be satisfied with Grade 3 if you can now have Grade 2!
* The Announcement Board has been fixed and should now correctly display the texts in all languages
* Several item and skill descriptions have been revised and adjusted to match their actual functions
* Guilds are now able to gain EXP again
* The football costumes have been removed from the AP Store

An ESL Fun Cup has just started and you should check out the ESL's website here to find out more. Are you ready to participate? Everyone's invited and you can win AP - even if you don't win, because there will be some random giveaways as well.

For Oriens!For Aeonia!
alaplaya Team

PS: Are you visiting the gamescom in Cologne in August? We'll be there together with the ESL - more details coming soon.

Patch Notice: New Heroes & Items A5e61b7e48c8e964f226105dc8
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Patch Notice: New Heroes & Items
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