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 Patch Notice: August Patch

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Patch Notice: August Patch Empty
PostSubject: Patch Notice: August Patch   Patch Notice: August Patch EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 5:54 am

Patch Notice: August Patch 18872-100817-patch-notice

A Leave Point reset, an exciting Gamescom event for all, new Heroes, a new Battle Mode map and much more - that's what the hot August patch just brought to you in Avalon Heroes! Celebrate the Gamescom together with us and don't miss out on the latest events brought to you by the ESL!

More detailed information about the new items and costumes will be added as soon as we're back from the Gamescom. Are you heading to Cologne? Then visit us in hall 9.1 at booth C055 in the ESL area to play AH or LOCO and to talk to our pro gamers from SK Gaming and WeMade FOX!

EXP Event over the entire Gamescom!

To celebrate the games, an EXP event with additional +20% SP and +20% Kin EXP has been launched and it will last until Sunday, 11:59pm CEST. If you missed the last EXP event, you should definitely make the most of this one to reach the next Kin level.

Leave Points? Start over again at zero!

The Leave Points of all accounts have been reset to zero. This is a unique one-time opportunity for all those among you who left games or who got disconnected and had up to ten Leave Points. Check your Leave Points balance, celebrate the fresh zero and start a new game. For Oriens! For Aeonia!

Patch Notice: August Patch 18870-100817-avalon

Special Gamescom event!

Heroes, if you find a letterbox in the Battle or Adventure Mode, don't be scared to open it, as it will probably contain one of the six letters of the word AVALON (yes, the two A are different). Collect all the six letters, then visit the event NPC in the Plaza Mode and exchange them for an AVALON item. After the end of the event on September 8, every AVALON item will be exchanged for a treasure box containing costumes and other useful items. The players who collect the most AVALON items will be listed on the website and get an extra goodie. Will you be among them?

Of course, some of the letters are harder to find than others, so you should visit the Plaza Mode and see if other players are selling the letters you need, as they are all tradable.

Patch Notice: August Patch 18871-100817-forest

New Heroes & costumes, map and special extra: Fireworks

Did you already try the new Battle Mode map Forest of Turbulence? Did you take a close look at the new costumes for Arc and Moon? Have you already found out how to master the two new Heroes, Myoemchun for Oriens and Skatilo for Aeonia? There is a lot going on in Avalon Heroes right now, so log in as fast as you can to try everything out.

Item distribution: Hero Guide, YouTube contests

As it had been announced in previous news, the rewards for both contests have been delivered to the winners' accounts. Since we are still missing the replies of some of the Hero Guide Contest's winners regarding their choice of Hero, the Heroes will be delivered later as soon as all winners have replied.

The winners have been contacted via the alaplaya message system, so if you're a winner and confused about where to find that message, you should check your alaplaya inbox. The following items have been delivered by now:

* Megaphone x10
* Most Advanced Despera x5
* Token of Adventure King x1
* Enhanced Large Nectar Potion x10
* Life-giving Elixir x1
* Stone of Hero x1

Miscellaneous Changes

* The Hero lag problem of Amkatar and Phelizia has been fixed, so these two Heroes should not cause lag in the game any longer when they use their skills
* Several item translations have been adjusted to match the actual item functions
* Cancel Attack: Avoiding the actual cool down of your basic attack has been fixed, the delay is now based on your actual attack speed

alaplaya Gamescom Team

Patch Notice: August Patch A5e61b7e48c8e964f226105dc8
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Patch Notice: August Patch
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