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 creep keias guide

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PostSubject: creep keias guide   Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:59 pm

i know alot of people love blind battle and i agree it's really op skill late game

but most korean league players use it only for lining or small scale battle (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3) not in 5vs5

it's still good to rape noobish pubs...

blind battle spec:

(at lvl 25: spec boost only applies to basic stats) 638 hp, 30 attack, 7 def, 33% attack speed, 3% evasion yes quite op

but when are u going to reach lvl 25? it's not good untill u reach lvl 17+ and early game is more important for creepers

late game is more important for liners who are usually dps

skill order: lvl 3 stun first (2sec -> 3sec) so try to max stun first, get cain at lvl 6, max critical strike next and knight hood at the end

your job is:

1. stunning enemy hero so the teammates can gank him easily

2. tanking

3. scaring the enemy by running toward him Smile

4. connecting stun combo

5. finishing blow using critical strike

how to use cain:

(always use unfair distribution right away)

1. put him in line when liner is dead

2. creep with him

3. fight with him by using devastation to reduce 50 attack damage and splash damage

4. dive into outposts to kill liners while cain tanks for u

5. put cain near life fountain so u can get perfect melee defense until he disappears

6. use him to block warp gate

7. use cain for terror since he has 2x building attack damage

stun priority:

gandilva, hekami, yohong, aprasas, ... anyone support or high dps with low hp

item tree:

seal of magic powers

crystal of harmony

combine dark chain boots

crystal of enhanced stamina

(stone of vision)

speed ring

flute of deceleration

dispel armor

upgrade flute of deceleration

bloody blade fan

combine bloody fan of wind

sell crystal of enhanced stamina

ether tunic

sell dark chain boots

boots of red flame

sell crystal of harmony

buy mantle of protection (despera shop)

upgrade mantle of protection lvl 10

you get 80% melee damage reduction

73% magic damage reduction

32% evasion rate

4630 hp

and 397 attack

put cain near the life fountatin all the time after 20min and take advangtage of long range reflection and dive and stun the high dps long range hero or crazy support hero like hekami
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PostSubject: Re: creep keias guide   Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:03 am

good topic k nice psyduck
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PostSubject: Re: creep keias guide   Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:14 am

n1 build psyduck but I Allways prefer Blind battle, because I have the right stones and it is best skill Smile

Blind battle is better for middle and Endgame it gives you the feeling imba tank imba dd Smile

And critical strike most of people didn't know how to use it right, because when they use stun , dispel and other things which costs mana they don't have enough mana for the finisher (critical strike) and it will go useless.

And one active skill more it doesn't matter, because You run in Team.
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PostSubject: Re: creep keias guide   

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creep keias guide
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