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 quotes for heroes

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amkatar (bargolgotha in korean) - "Natural death is your greatest blessing"
Ellinese - "Aren't I pretty!?'
baratsh - "Do you want me to rip you apart or crush you in ice? I'll let you pick"
aiken - "I will be Aoenia's king!"
fletcher bros - "Two is better than one. Right, brother?"
teolia - "Stop with the pranks? never!"
skatilo - "Your body will be blown off if you stay there..."
lejena - "I came here through wind's guide. Come with me..."
secmat - "Something more warmer and darker than blood? the sweetness of revenge."
MOON - "I will fight as long as I have one eye left"
dukan - "must..escape..."
adelia - "Path of light will always lead to justice. Pray with me"
drake - "Beer tastes the best after knocking out those bad guys!"
gai - "Aoenia must pay me its debt. The debt of blood."
maguiel - "Your life has meaning if you have a promise to keep"
novek - "Not bad for a human, but this is the end"
bentilius - "When wings of light opens, the finale of demons will begin."
bazraal - "The demons will eat the deceased"
jonathan - "It's not bad dying to a handsome guy like me!"
pallas - "Hold out your sword and fight like a warrior!"
neklit - "I will hunt you down!"
durof - "What do you think of my gadget?"
laina - "Music's power will surpass your imagination"
jarje - "This fight is for keeping my purity against darkness and greed"
keias - "Aoenia's future is my future"
Deathadder - "I am your hell's gatekeeper"
Vathek - "Silence! I hope you aren't thinking about going anywhere"
Jack Sheppard - "Anyone willing to sell their soul?"
kalstein - "Obedience is my glory, and my glory is my life"
humbaba - "Want to explore his belly?"
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quotes for heroes
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