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 Heroes depending on map

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PostSubject: Heroes depending on map   Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:01 pm

Heroes depending on Map (Ori)

It’s same as before except this time it is about Oriens hero

General idea is:
If you have more actives it’s great in a creep map (Swamp, cross road, Ancient city)
If you have more passives it’s great if there are more lines (Forest, Mine, Forest)

Raiksha: great overall
Stun, Dignity, Wing boots: One of the best liner (try to take line if you can) great in any map. If you take a line with him, 0 death is a piece of cake. He is a good creeper but he has very hard time until you get to lvl 7 with shoes, armlets, and a stone of vision.

Ignes: actives are great
Stun, Mana evaporation, taunt: One of the best creeper and tanker (always creep) Great in any map except mine. Better in creep map
Stun, mana evaporation, ultimate defense: only good in mine or swamp where monsters are too strong early game

Takiru: great overall
Bite, spin, raging dash: One of the best surviving hero like Raiksha (always creep) great in any map except mine. He Sux late game though… so u need to get crit+1 and dps items and only use ulti late game lol
Bite, spin, critical passive: versatile and great in any map. Raging dash got nerfed badly so this should be your choice if you are willing to creep with Takiru
Bite, 2 passive: One of the strongest damage dealer (always take line) good in any line maps sux in swamp

Bing: actives are great
3 arrows, slow, kamekameha: one of the best creeper and sniper (always creep) Great in any map. Best in Cross road (it is easy to snipe many enemies at once since the map is small and there are lots of up hills)
3 arrows, slow, orb: Great in swamp. This skill set has hardcore constant nukes, which are good for hunting very strong creeps. Sux late game though
3 arrows, orb, kamekamha: Only great in Mine where line mobs gets too strong late game. Take advantage of 1800 damage kamekameha and other actives to dish out lots of line mobs

Gandilva: actives are great
Morph, mandragora, heal: Great in any map but better in creep map (always creep)

Hekami: great overall
Purification light, land protection, mana shock: one of the best support heroes. She is great in both creep and line (try to creep since he can’t go dps and ulti cool time will be wasted if you take line) also good in any map. Best in Cross road where the map is small and u can use sacrifice to heal all 4 teammates easily and mp shock will damage all enemies easier
Purification light, mana shock, heal: If you are 100% sure that your base won’t get attacked this skill setting is the best

Yohong: great overall
Jump, heal, dispel: one of the best support heroes and survivor. She is great in creep map (always creep). Including Mine unlike most other creep heroes since she can dispel Linorams allowing anyone to nuke them
Jump, heal, passive: great in line and go full dps (always take line) she sux in Mine. The only downside is her range is too short and wide dispel is too great to give up
Jump, heal, Harmony: If you have Juajin in your team and if she is a great player?! Then use this

Heathpati: great overall
Totem, attack passive, running: Only good in line (always line) it’s well balanced skill set and good for survival. She sux in Swamp
Totem, 2 passive: Only good in line. If you are sure you can get Misa or stunning spear then use this skill setting
Totem, slow, attack passive: Only good in line. If you know how to use cancel attack switching bug which fires 2 spears at once and you get 1000% attack speed, this one is the best choice. Otherwise it is not great because poison does not stack with slow and running is more effective than slow

Shaochun: great overall
Stun, taming, forced purchase: Great in any map and most versatile because you can sell any item with 100% price (best in Mine). He is good in both creep and line. The only downside in maps other than Mine is the mirror. There isn’t any problem in Mine because 15 lvl respawns in only 2min interval.
Stun, (mana) pressure, hp increase: Great in every line map (Try to take line) except mine. You can get 10k hp if you only get full hp item with all stats lol

Seimei: actives are great
Shikigami, Earth attack, hold: One of the best creep heroes (always creep) great in every map. You can take line with him but what a waste of his abilities
Other skill settings are only good as a joke Smile

Seolbin: actives are great
Stun, throw up, charge: One of the best creep heroes and great in every map except mine (always creep) best in Cross road (you can use ulti to get all 5 of the enemies easily)
Other skill settings fail

Myo: actives are great
Stun, butterfly, balmy: One of the best creep heroes and great in every map except mine (always creep) This one is the best skill setting
Stun, butterfly, avatar: Great in every map including Mine (better against strong line mobs but lost exhaustion which can stop the enemy from teleporting without dispel or protection scroll)

Juajin: all about switching and buff
Dragon, passive, high mountain: Great in any line map (always line) even good in Swamp late game. It’s all about lvling up as fast as possible while running away from enemies
Other skill settings fail. (If you see Yohong ask her to use harmony skill and you will be godly Smile )

Kajure: great overall
Target of Destruction, splash, stun: Great in any line map (try to take line) still good in Swamp. He is similar to Juajin but better than her when from early game since you can stun lock the enemy, splash damage and tracking abilities are good too

Chadol: great overall
Stab, stun, flutter: One of the best liner and great in any line map but crappy in Swamp. Once you master stun and flutter, you become the strongest hero with op passive, flutter buff, magic immunity, permanent stun lock, and ultimate attack
Spin, stun, flutter: Great in both creep and line. He is very strong early game and late game. Only downsides is that he is somewhat weak mid game until he gets lvl 10 stun, spin just becomes a survival skill late game (enemies’ high hp recovery makes splash damage to nothing and they heal themselves by using vampire potion and hitting you, who is spinning lol) and flutter level is too low (hard to do permanent stun lock anyone while enemies gank you madly) until you get to lvl 20+
Kamekameha, Stun, flutter: Great in line map (try to take line). This skill set has extremely high potential but mastering any skill takes too long time. Other problem is that he is weak until lvl 11. You need to reach lvl 24 to get his full potential. Get magic crystal and armlets early game with all stats (kamekameha has additional damage with str attribute). You will need to get attack speed and dps items after lvl 21

Subaek: great overall
Teleport, chain, dragon door: She is one of the best liner (always line) and good in creep too. She can lvl up faster than anyone in line by killing miners and destroying canons, outposts, barracks, and even creature barrack with her ulti. Dragon door can be used to creeps and help you lvl up faster. Once she get the highest lvl and stunning spear, she is unstoppable (she can hit 5 heroes at once and she will stun lock them) Best in Forest

Phelizia: actives are great, her power varies conditionally…
Heal, Song for weakness, running: She can become one of the best (support) liner if she gets the highest lvl in your team. She is great in any line map (always line). If you want to get 5 sec invincibility, you will need to let her get more exp than you. Once she gets 10 kills she gets extra 110 attack (including 10+ all stats) and she is strong as hell. Best in Cross road where you will surely get the highest lvl as a liner.
Heal, sleep, running: If you are not 100% sure that you will get the highest lvl in your team, this skill setting is better since it will be easier to kill 10 enemies with slow and sleep. You will get 110 extra attack faster this way.
Dragon is nerfed so much and you don’t really want to use this skill anymore =/

Nachasha: great overall
Clones, teleport, queen’s power: She is one of the strongest dps and liner (always line). The only problem is that she is too weak early game. Once you reach lvl 12, additional damage can pawn anyone as long as you don’t get stunned or morphed. Using clones to lure guardian and get canons and radar to lvl up faster. She is great in every map except Swamp.

Yoichi: great overall
Plant, passive, reflect: She can get stronger faster than anyone by using plants in line. Yoichi is a liner who can creep thnx to plants (she is not a creeper but thnx to plants she can help creepers easily… so you should not pre lvl in most maps except cross road lol) If there are strong long range dps (Dukan, Pallas, Crit Moon, Jonathan, etc.), reflect will be the best choice to rape them. you will use full tank item (Kaiser knuckele) with reflect items. This one is most annoying type of hero ever with 5000+ hp and 80 all damage reflect plus reflect items. Secmat ulti cannot even kill her and she will poison everyone around her while tanking all. Long range cannot hit her easily because her hp will decrease more than dealing damage lol. Great in every map and Best in Forest (where you can get 7-8 lvl higher than anyone else)
Plants, passive, hold: Most people use pure dps or offensive item with this build. This one is better for more kills and the best choice against noobs. Hold can be very useful after the opponent uses a protection scroll and 2 dispel (+ mana rune if he is good). The only problem is that if the opponents are good, DPS Yoichi can get ganked lots of time and die madly before even hitting anyone… Great in every map including Swamp and Best in Forest

Mitsuki: great overall
Hiding, recovery passive, poison: Good in creep (always creep with 2 armlets). You can run faster than anyone allowing you to use hit and run guerrilla tactics. You are strong early game and you should try to get misa. Great in every map
Hiding, 2 passive: If you get misa with this build, you will be unstoppable late game. Great in any line map (always line). The only problem is that she has low hp and she can’t survive as well as previous one.

Yunk: all about terror
Terror skill x 2, passive: Creep or line does not really matter… you should leave line after lvl 6 no matter what and destroy creature barrack using ulti (radar and towers first). Please, don’t waste ulti on out posts lol. Try to use ulti around 4min and 5min creep time while the enemies hunt creeps. Once you destroy creature barrack then use skills to destroy out posts with help of creepers then get monster barracks and canons. Great in every map and best in Swamp and Mine
Wheel, Dispel, splash: People call this battle Yunk… it’s good for fun lol. Yes, very fun to play in every map! You will get scolded by teammates every time you use ulti to kill the enemies and “everyone will be like “lol” Very Happy

Aprasas: actives are great
Stun, float, heal: One of the best support hero and great in creep (always creep with 2 armlets or full tank items). You should never take line with Aprasas after the patch since you get 700 damage active skill with stun, floating, and heal which is a great support skill. Lvl 1 floating, wait 2.5 sec and use stun to connect combo. She can save anyone from gank using floating and heal amount is quite good too. Great in every map
Other skill sets fail… (Keep in mind that tornado is one of the worst skill in the game)

Arc: great overall
Hook, eye, passive: One of the strongest DPS late game but crappy liner overall lol. I mean if the enemy is good, you won’t even get a chance to lvl up because they will gank you every 3min XD. You should always take line with him. You should run away from gank and never use ulti unless you are 100% sure that there isn’t any enemy around you. The whole point of this hero is using eye to scan for teammates and get extra range, use hook shot to help fight early game and earn money as much as you can. After you are fully loaded with crit equips, kill all from uphill far away (while your teammates protect you). Ok in most line maps but very crappy in Swamp
Other skill sets fail. (No arrow debris please …Eye is the best)

Masamichi: actives are great
3 actives: Great creep hero (never take line with him) Instant kill can be very OP some times. You can get 4 instant kill with ulti even though the chance is only 8% lol. The only problem is mana consumption and late game. Great in every map including Mine.

Muchard: actives are godly
He is the strongest nuker in game. 2 armlets early game and mana crystal, all stat items and str item can rape everyone late game. three active skills will deal about 2000 damage late game. Seolbin, Nanarichi and Muchard is the deadlist creep party in the game. Great in any map both creep and line.

Nanarichi: great overall
He is the best dps you can get in the game. Use rat holes to get canons and radar early game. Use ulti uphill where the enemies cannot see (long range enemies can’t even attack it that way) and lure them all. Low hp is the only problem so you should get phys armor and armor of salvation. Kaiser knuckle and poison damage will rape everyone late game. Best hero in Oriens! Great in every map both creep and line!

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Heroes depending on map
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