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 Heroes depending on map

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PostSubject: Heroes depending on map   Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:03 pm

Aeonian Heroes depending on Map (5vs5 only)

I noticed a lot of times we lose in-house games because we choose crap hero combination lol
So I am going to write somewhat opinion oriented map and hero choice

General idea is:
If you have more actives it’s great in a creep map (Swamp, cross road, Ancient city)
If you have more passives it’s great if there are more lines (Forest, Mine, Forest)

Keias: depending on your style
Stun, critical, Knight: versatile and good in any creep map but he sucks in Mine (can line but not great)
Stun, Knight, Blind battle: great in line maps, ok in cross road or

Bentilus: actives are great
3 Actives : versatile and good in every map except Mine (never lines)
1 or 2 passive: Only good in mine otherwise fail

Neklit: every skill is great simply op
Stun, Quenching, Cloak: great in every map as a creeper (never lines)
Master eye, Snake, Cloak: great as a liner (one of the best liner but crap in creep)
Stun, Master eye, Cloak: good in every map late game (creeper)
Stun, snake, cloak: good in every map but needs teammates all the time (creeper)

Jarje: overall great
3 actives: great as a creeper in any creep map but sux very late game
Orb, spear, wave: great and versatile any map (better in creep but you can line too)
Orb 2 passive: one of the best liner but sux in creep map

Bazraal: overall great
Raal, debuff passive , splash: great in both creep and line map and great skill choice really
2 passive and splash: only good in mine but crap in all other maps

Drake: actives are great
Stun, grapple, canon: versatile and great in creep map (always creep), great in every map except mine
Stun, grapple, reflect: it’s good in most map but best in Mine

Secmat: actives are great
3 actives: great in every map as a creeper (only master Blood bringer and every other actives 1 lvl)
Don’t ever use passive.

Laina: actives are great
Tempation, heal, sleep or illusion: great in every map if the enemy does not use mirror (best in mine)
Sleep, heal, illusion: great in creep map sux in line

Adelia: overall great
Wrath, heal, damage buff : great in both creep and line (better as a liner)

Pallas: all about buff and passive (sux in creep Margual lol)
Crossbow, buff, passive: great in line map (Please take line…) best in Mine
Axe, buff, passive: great as a liner (better in creep maps if you don’t want to use stunning spear)
Pole arm, buff, passive: only good in line map as a liner (just for fun)

Dukan: overall great
3 actives (2 dot damge): great in creep map (never line and go full tank no dps till late game)
Hiding, passive, crit switching: great in line map (always take line full dps)

Durof: overall great
Canon, scope, blind: great in creep map (better in creep for stealing 4min and core explosion uphill)
Canon, scope, accuracy debuff: great in line map as a liner

Maguiel: actives are great
Surge, throw, summon cancel: great in any map as a liner against Seimei, Shao, Yoichi (better in Mine or Cross road)
Surge, throw, shield: great in any map as a liner

Fletcher: actives are great
Dot, hold, fire: great in both line and creep map (better as a liner) best in Mine
Dot, fire, ice: great in creep map as a creeper
Fire, ice, passive: only great with snake as a liner (get time ring, magic crystal, and full all stat items fast)

Baratsh: overall great
Katar, teleport, confidence: great in any line map (always take line) One of the best liner
Katar, confidence, carnage: good in line but can also creep (not as good as other creepers)
Carnage, confidence, stun: ok in creep map but sux late game (never line)

Skatilo: actives are great
Stun, 3 fire, hiding: great in both creep and line but better in line maps (best in mine)

Gai: overall great
Stun, phys absortion, mdef: versatile in both creep and line map but better in line
3 passives: best in line (always take line) and crazy late game (best in Mine)

Jonathan: overall great
Stylish, Stun, fast reload: great in both creep and line but better in line maps
Stylish, fast reload, buff: great in line (always take line)
Stylish, stun, buff: only for experts (long skill cool time so u need to be careful) best in line late game

Lejena: overall great
Teleport, wing, teleportation attack: one of the best liner (always take line and steal 4min) great in any map because she can creep fast, fly everywhere, and save teammates.
Windwing, shackle, teleportation attack: Only good as a counter against Yunk in Swamp and Mine

Ellinese: overall great
Hiding, clones, crit passive: good in line map, put clones in line and creep after clone lvl 4 (best in Forest)
Hiding, Bash, Kiss: good in creep map, get 1lvl hiding, kiss and master only bash. Don’t lvl up by not creeping and only use bash of love on the enemy with high lvl at the beginning of fight and run away before he dies … so you don’t get any exp and lvl up (make 10 lvl difference with enemies so you get 14 sec 1200+ damage bash of love)

Teolia: overall great
Hiding, doll, chain passive: good in line map you can still creep with armlets

Moon: Doggy is great
Doggy, 2 actives: versatile and great in any map except Swamp. Use doggy to forward line and join creep team or early creature barrack terror
Doggy, charge, passive: great in line. Use doggy to forward line. After you get lvl 3 charge start early creature barrack terror with doggy and charge shot
Doggy and passive only: only great in line. Join creep while doggy takes a forward line and get highest lvl as fast as possible go full dps with crit+1 hammer. This really sux in Swamp

Kalstein: all about summons and buff
Archers, 2 buffs: only good against noobs but if the enemies don’t buy a long range reflect items OP with drum (great in both creep and line)
Royal guard, Infantries, Def buff: great in both creep and line(Versatile in every map) still he sux late game without drum

Amkatar: Mummy is the best thing ever
Melody, Sudden death, mummy: One of the best liner (always take line) Put mummy in line solely after he gets 4lvl blood drain. Join creep or harass an enemy liner. He is good in every map except Swamp

Novek: Simply Godly in every way
Best hero ever. Put him in line or creep wherever you please. He is better in creep though because you can use ulti right before he dies and devour all enemy heroes Very Happy and get buildings after. Use Chaos whenever you attack liner near posts or enemies in their base. You don’t need to take line just because you are going to use chaos… Just creep then attack liners as often as possible using it. Great in every map

Aiken: Godly until the enemy gets a mirror
Good hero but mirror pawns him so badly. One of the strategy is always summon the mob whenever cool time is ready then let the enemy use mirror and summon again and use summon while the enemy has mirror cool time or reload mp and consume summon and heal yourself before the enemy uses the mirror again. Great in both creep and line but better in line map.

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes depending on map   Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:18 am

for you are all heroes great ? Very Happy
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Heroes depending on map
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