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 Letter from Jobos to the guild

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Letter from Jobos to the guild Empty
PostSubject: Letter from Jobos to the guild   Letter from Jobos to the guild EmptyWed Mar 16, 2011 10:09 pm


First of all, I want to say I´ve allready learned of some of your old (or actually) members, and is really nice to have good players, more when you really like the game (except for its issues and tipical things ¬¬)
I´ve read your post in the avalon forum: http://en.alaplaya.net/forum/general-discussions-f1321/heard-of-nwo--t430676.html#p4320018 , I have a nice potential and I really like avalon heroes, have played since.. January 2010 maybe? I remember when I first played it, learning was a pain... and play it mostly a few hours each day ,but Im afraid that I cannot send a request, I have my own little guild, that has rised to 1000 expierence in a month without guild wars, we are really active people and I only group people that knows the basics and want to play and learn to be the best. =)

Just wanted to say that it would be nice to sometimes fight with some of your members, against or with, so I or we, could learn from all of you, Im usually good, even more when my team makes a nice teamwork, knows the word focusing, knowing the items dispel and scroll , and not feeding -_- xD

So, hope too see you in, and play Wink

Jobos, from Mysticism.

P.D.:Congrats for reviving, they are a lot of really bad players lately, and its getting boring, sometimes to win, an others to have them in your groups Rolling Eyes xD
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Letter from Jobos to the guild
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