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 [Moon] How well do you know about him?

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[Moon] How well do you know about him? Empty
PostSubject: [Moon] How well do you know about him?   [Moon] How well do you know about him? EmptyMon Feb 01, 2010 7:37 am

Moon has 3 playing styles. I cannot say which one is the strongest, because it all depends on who you are targeting and how well you understand Avalon Heroes.

1. Assassin style
For this style, the main skills you would be using are Precision shooting, Shooting of Determination, Call Avenger. This is how I play with Moon: When I see a target, I summon the avenger. Then I use the avenger to follow my target and keep using Shooting of Determination until the target is forced to use magic protection scroll. This is where Avenger kicks in to cast dispel on the target. I use the slow potion, and cast the Precision Shooting immediately. Since the skill and slow potion get stacked, all you have to do is to finish the target off which is almost unmovable.

2. Crits style
For this style, you'd have to be using Precision Shooting, Call Avanger, and the passive skill. Using this build, you want to maximize your critical rate, critical dmg, and normal dmg. The key here is the Precision Skill and an item called "Sword of deathblow". The skill has a chance to slow your target down, which stacks with slow potion. The item has an active skill, that boosts your atk speed, accuracy, and critical rate insanely for 1 full second with 15 seconds cooldown. The 1 seconds might not sound like a huge number, but with 400% or more atk speed, you would hit 3-4 times in one second. Not to mention that Moon is a str based character, which boosts critical rates as str stats increase, and also can use critical dmg multiplier hammer from the shop. The biggest critical dmg I had with Moon was 1200 per hit on low defensed heroes, so imagine dealing 4 hits with 1200 dmg each...

3. Mixture of both
For this style, you'd set up your skills to be Precision Shooting, Shooting of Determination, and the passive skill. From here, we just lose a fast detection and dispel, which you might have to do yourself manually. This is a huge disadvantage for Moon, because it's advantage over other chars is the insanely long range that each skills have(That's why he's called a "Sniper"). Also, this closer range puts Moon into a risk since you'd have to get very close to use dispel and detect ambushes (ex. Arc, Secmet, Yoichi, etc). However, I believe the mixed style is the ideal form of Moon in team play configuration since Moon can deal Maximum dmg while not losing any of the assassin skils.

Of course, everything would depend on the speed of your fingers, an how well you understand your opponents. Not everything works as planned, since noone would just stand in front of you begging you to kill them. I was going to post a video of myself playing Moon in various playing styles, but the CBT is over sadly

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[Moon] How well do you know about him?
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