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 application RatosLocos And Lucifer

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PostSubject: application RatosLocos And Lucifer   Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:38 am

hello we are RatosLocos (fevzi) and Lucifer (mirko) we play avalon heroes since the closed Beta and we are strong players
we are from germany but our english is good too so we can communciate in the guild we can play with both teams oriens and aoenia


Age: 18 , 17
name: fevzi , mirko
fav hero oriens: fevzi: raiksha mirko: yoichi
fav hero aoenia: fevzi: dukan mirko: secmat
Country: Germany (Hamburg)
gender: Male both
favorite team: Oriens both
active playing time: every day long time from 14:00
Experience: Open Beta fevzi: lvl 27 orien and aoenia lvl 20 mirko: orien lvl 24 aoenia lvl 19
We like: teamwork and win Very Happy
We dont like: loose and people who just think on herself
E-Mail : fevzi: der_player_aus_eidelstedt@hotmail.de mirko: zantos@hotmail.de

we want to come in this guild because we just hear good things from her and we smoke knows he is an good friend
the fam is really strong like us and we want to give her more power and we saw the guild in the open beta and we were
very surprised how strong the guild was .

Best wishes RatosLocos And Lucifer
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PostSubject: Ratos and lucifer   Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:13 pm

Of course, I always welcome people from all around the country.

Germany is one of my favourite as well, there are a few players in the guild that are german.

Application accepted, please PM AviatorDK in-game once the game goes live.

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application RatosLocos And Lucifer
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