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 Ann0nym0us application

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PostSubject: Ann0nym0us application   Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:39 am

- In-Game Name - Ann0nym0us

- Active Play Time and Location (when are you online the most and where do you live, country or time-zone wise) - Living in Germany online at about 3

- Do You Have Ventrilo And A Mic? - I have Ventrilo and a mic, but i can´t speak english very well

- Why Do You Want To Join NWO - I want to join NWO cause you are very good players and i want to learn from you

- Introduction (Tell us a little about yourself, age, previous gaming experience, etc) - my name is Hermann i´m 17 years old and a mmo nerd XD playing (AH,Flyff,Florensia,etc.)
and i´m a pupil^^

- Favorite Faction (Orien or Aeonia) - favourite fraction is oriens, cause i think they have very good heroes, but i also play aeonia

- Favorite Hero - favourite heroes are: Yoichi, Raiksha and Bing( later more if i buy them^^)

- Pet Peeves - nothing XD

- Experience (time spent in-game) - 4-6 hours

i would be glad to join you^^
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PostSubject: Ann0nym0us   Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:12 pm

Application accepted, please PM Lacrimosa in-game.

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Ann0nym0us application
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