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 Lord's Application

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PostSubject: Lord's Application   Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:47 am

- In-Game Name - Lord

- Active Play Time and Location (when are you online the most and where do you live, country or time-zone wise) - I play EST time Tampa, FL USA

- Do You Have Ventrilo And A Mic? - (Please note this is not required, but it would be a great help if you have it.) I have Vent and Mic

- Why Do You Want To Join NWO - I want to join NWO because I want to be the best of the best

- Introduction (Tell us a little about yourself, age, previous gaming experience, etc) - Im 26 Ive played many mmos including Aion Asherons call DAoC etc. I am a veteran of League of Legends with over 800 games played which is similar to this game, and i played Darkness and Light before it went down.

- Favorite Faction (Orien or Aeonia) - I play mostly Orien but recently have been playing Aeonia I want to be balanced

- Favorite Hero - Favorite heroes are Yoichi Chadol and ARC

- Pet Peeves - (This is included so that we may be informed in advance of things that rub you the wrong way so that we know not to bound into that topic of discussion and offend you or make you uncomfortable.) My Pet peeves are definately leavers, feeders and the noobs that summon the creatures for no apparent reason. I dont have many pet peeves other than that.

- Experience (time spent in-game) - In game experience I played some open beta like the last week because i was playing LoL. But i have played it since it went live im currently lvl 16 atm. I havent played in ESL tournament but I made an account their and plan to sign up for some tournaments would be great to do it with this guild. Thanks for the consideration.
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PostSubject: Lord   Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:12 pm

Application accepted, please PM Lacrimosa in-game.

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Lord's Application
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