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 Raiksha Guide

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PostSubject: Raiksha Guide   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:40 am


Creeping Hero

Knife Throw
Wing Boots
Kings Dignity

Seal of Magical Power -> Chain Boots of Darkness
Evolved Grand Nature Stone
hp and mp Enhancement stones
Armor of Hardness
Armlet of Natural Disaster
Magic protection Armor
Shield of True Vision(if necessary)
sell Evloved Grand Nature Stone and buy Seal of Taegeuk
sell Armor of Hardness and buy Speed Ring
Armor of Absolute

Raise King's Dignity lvl1 in the beginning(only for safe from magic damage - magic immunity), and put stats on wing boots and knife throw!
U can use Armlet during ulti
U r invulnerable during ulti - can ulti-save
King's Dignity is a good skill - 15sec magic immunity = in a fight, use this skill and rush in, stunning the enemy stunning char(Keias, Neklit) or damage dealer(Jonathan, Subaeklim)(and then use ulti on damage dealer)

If you open 3 Slots:

Movement Speed
All Attribute

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Raiksha Guide
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