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 Adelia Guide

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PostSubject: Adelia Guide   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:57 am


Creeping Hero
Healer / Supporter

Mothers Tough
Belssing of courage
Wrath of God or Adelia's blessing(recommanded)

Spell breaking boots
3 hp enhancement stones -> Armor of Hardness
Spell breaking armor
Absolute Armor
Armor of Divine Protection
The shield of True Vision

The reason for Adelia's blessing instead of fabulous 440 damage effecting on magic immunity is
primarily Movespeed, secondarily MP recovery.
If adelia sticks to Neklit, Keias, low-MP chars, they save money for MP and MP recovery that results in higher HPs!!
This girls is HARD in using ulti - invulnerability
Use it when there is a big fight - its enough BUT if u want to recieve applaud, use the ulti when they use ulties
-Heathpati, Raiksha, Chadol, Muchard, etcetc
Keep buff chars

If you open 3 Slots:

Movement Speed
All Attribute

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Adelia Guide
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